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  • About Chemical Engineering

    Department of Chemical Engineering The program is unique by its nature and it has been designed incorporating the major chemical engineering courses universally acceptable.These Basic sciences, engineering sciences and applied mathematics courses are entirely similar with other chemical engineering institutions. On successful accomplishing of the program the students are expected to have appropriate attitude and behavior to wards: loyal and ethical for their profession and responsible to the community Interpersonal relations and the capacity to work in teams. Safe and ethical practice for new events Self confidence for their duty and responsibility Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Heat and mass transfer unit operation, Process control, Environmental engineering, Explosive manufacturing, fluid motion, Instrumental chemistry, Reactor, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Classical method of analysis.
  • Department Objectives

    Provide students with quality engineering education in order to fulfill the graduate profile Conduct basic and applied research that supports to improve our defense capacity Provide consultancy service to ministry of defense and defense industries.
    to be one of the top internationally acceptable military applied chemical engineering programs to train, conduct research and disseminate the out come for the over all corners of the world.
  • Programs

      1. Explosive Science and Engineering
      2. Explosive Manufacturing
      3. Propellant and pyrotechnics
      4. Ballistics
      5. Ammunition
      6. Chemical and Biological warfare
      7. Nuclear Science and Engineering
      8. Corrosion Engineering
  • Academic Staffs

    It is obvious that delivery of quality education is highly dependent on the availability of qualified and experienced academic as well as support staff members. The Computer and Information Technology department has 25 full time and no part-time academic staff members for both the UG and PG programs. The following table shows the number and qualification of the academic staff.


    PhD Holders


    Staff Pursuing PhD


    MTech/MSc Holders


    BTech/BSc Holders


    Technical Assistants





  • Publications

Details of Curriculum Validation Workshop on different Departments

Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech. in Aerospace Structures & Systems Engineering
Armament Engineering
B.Tech. in Weapon Systems Engineering and B.Tech. in Ammunitions Engineering
Chemical Engineering
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering
Computer & Information Technology
B.Tech. in Computer Science And B.Tech. in Information Technology
Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. in Power Systems & DerivesEngineering and B.Tech. in Control & Automation Engineering
Electronics Engineering
B.Tech. in Instrumentation &Control Engineering and B.Tech. in Guidance & Control Technology
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
B.Tech. in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Motor Vehicle Engineering
B.Tech. in Automotive Engineering And B.Tech.inMilitary Vehicle Engineering
Production Engineering
B.Tech. in Mechanical Design Engineering