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  • As a part of the mission in producing qualified technical graduates, the current Aeronautical department which was used to be called Aviation Department was established in 1997. A local team consisting of the stake holders from Air Force along with TTE was established to develop a curriculum that was later enriched by foreigners from India, China and local Addis Ababa University lecturers. The major categories of the whole department at the time were two, Electrical and Mechanical Power Technologies. Aviation department was one of the departments existing at the time under Mechanical Power Technology. The curriculum, designed at a time which lasted for almost a decade, was to address the aircraft maintenance professionals at Air Force. Engineers in aircraft mechanical systems, power plant and body and frame specialization had been graduated for all the first phase season until a curriculum revision is made in 2009. The department got its name change to Aeronautical at the end of the curriculum revision and started graduating trainees in different specialization streams called Aircraft Structure, Aircraft Propulsion and Aircraft Systems. The curriculum transformation was more of on design than maintenance.This new curriculum is developed to cater the demand of innovative, highly skilled, practical oriented, entrepreneur, and ethical man power in the fields of Aeronautical Engineering in continuing program withduration of 5years. The students will have options to choose their stream/focus areas from the mentioned three specializations but the final decision is based on the interest of MoND. A successful graduate of the program will not only be globally competent but also be active and decisive in local industries. This will promote industrialization by motivating staff and students and by offering consultancy services for perspective defense industries and entrepreneurs in the stage of industrial setup. Therefore, the department plays a great role by increasing the number of well qualified military engineers in both competence and character with the current technologies. Here, the students take engineering and other courses like Civic and Ethical Education and Military Thought to support the military character development. The department has been graduating foreigners from Rwanda, Sudan, Somaliland, Djibouti and Burundi in undergraduate program. Currently, it is giving a post graduate program in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine, Aircraft Structure and Aerodynamics and CFD specializations for students from Rwanda and Sudan along with local students. The department also organizes and conducts short-term training programs on the topics of interest for practicing engineers, technicians as well as TVET teachers of various organizations, colleges and schools. When the college was established, most of the academic staffs were expatriate from India and Ukraine. Others were Ethiopian military engineers and senior technical assistants from Air Force and Maj. General Mulugeta Buli Technical School. The replacement of foreign lecturers is in due as more Ethiopian lecturers are sent for PHD and M/Tech in China, Russia and India. In order to produce highly qualified professionals and technical manpower in the field of Aeronautical Engineering, the department has well ventilated classrooms equipped with blackboard, whiteboard, chairs and LCD projectors dedicated. The teaching learning activity of the department is conducted based on the following approaches:lecture method, demonstration and discussion/tutorials, simulation, individual/group study, seminars, practical exercise, project, educational visit and internship.
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      Aircraft Engine Shop

      Aircraft Engine Shop

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      Aircraft System Shop

    • Dynamics


    • Fluid Machine

      Fluid Machine

    • Fluid Mechanics

      Fluid Mechanics

    • Aircraft Structures
    • Aircraft Mechanical Systems
    • Aircraft Populsion
  • Currently, the Aeronautical Engineering department has 22 full time academic staff members for both regular and extension programs. The following figure shows the numbers and qualifications of the academic staff.


    PhD Holders


    Staff Pursuing PhD


    MTech/MSc Holders


    BTech/BSc Holders


    Technical Assistants





  • “The impacts of National defense security, military leadership, technology and health system on Defense ” it's The First NationalConference on Defence Analysis(NCDA 2020) will be held in Addis Abbba from June 22 to 23 ,2020. NCDA 2020 is a premier conference providing a forum for Leadership ,Scientists, Medical and Military expertise, and practitioners to present and discuss latest research findings,ideas, and emerging technologies and applications in the area of Security ,Defence strategy and warfare, Military Technology, Medical and Health Systems, policiesand regulatory frameworks for the Ethiopian Defence Force.

  • The NationalConference on Defence Analysis(NCDA 2020) Technologies Conference presents the best of current systems research and practice, emphasizing innovation and quantified experience. (NCDA 2020) has emerged as the foremost world-wide gathering of academic researchers, Ph.D. and graduate students, top research think tanks and industry technology developers. Join us for NCDA 2020, the world's pre-eminent forum for reporting technological breakthroughs in the areas of Computing, Electronics, AI, Robotics, Security and Communications. Authors are kindly invited to submit their papers as per the schedule below, Regular Submission
    • Paper Submission Due : 15 April 2020 to 15 May 2020
    • Conference Dates : 22-23 June 2020
    Your can send your papers through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • National Security and Defense Strategy Military Technology Defense health system and service delivery Military leadership and management
    • National security challenges
    • Politico-Military Aspects of Security
    • Counter Terrorism and homeland security
    • Geo-politics and regional security
    • Border Crisis Management
    • Defense Strategy and capabilities
    • Artificial intelligence in military applications
    • Future warfare
    • Defense planning
    • Defense readiness and joint mission concepts
    • Defense strategic technology capabilities
    • Cyber Security and technology
    • Defense Industry and innovation
    • GIS technology in military operations
    • Design and manufacturing defense-related materials and systems
    • Defense modeling and simulations.
    • Maintenance and performance improvement military equipment.
    • Enhancement of defense enterprises.
    • Transforming the military health system
    • Mass causality response.
    • Defense Health support mechanisms & procedures,
    • Health system readiness with respect to NBC warfare.
    • Health services development, practice & experience. (Aviation, Naval)
    • Environmental hazard and, occupational safety in military field activities
    • Defense planning
    • Supply chain management in military
    • Big data management
    • Analysis, new approaches and methods on defense management
    • Joint operation and leadership approaches
  • Thank you for your interest in the Future Technologies Conference. Please provide the following information about your needs to help serve you better. This information will enable to route your request to the appropriate person. You should receive a response within 48 hours. You can also write at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Details of Curriculum Validation Workshop on different Departments

Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech. in Aerospace Structures & Systems Engineering
Armament Engineering
B.Tech. in Weapon Systems Engineering and B.Tech. in Ammunitions Engineering
Chemical Engineering
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering
Computer & Information Technology
B.Tech. in Computer Science And B.Tech. in Information Technology
Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. in Power Systems & DerivesEngineering and B.Tech. in Control & Automation Engineering
Electronics Engineering
B.Tech. in Instrumentation &Control Engineering and B.Tech. in Guidance & Control Technology
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
B.Tech. in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Motor Vehicle Engineering
B.Tech. in Automotive Engineering And B.Tech.inMilitary Vehicle Engineering
Production Engineering
B.Tech. in Mechanical Design Engineering