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About Us

DEFENCE UNIVERSITY, College Of Engineering is committed to help students learn effectively and efficiently With this awareness in mind, student services are dedicated to creating a student-centered environment on campus that will provide the best possible living experiences and learning opportunities Working effectively with faculty and staff, student services supports the College's mission to foster a steady stream of citizens committed to living a contributive life Service facilities improvement and modernization is one of the major components of the College's yearly plan.

Established in 1997 in Bishoftu By Late PM Meles Zenawi.
It has significance role in ensuring the rule of law professionalism and democratic environment in the College. In addition to the creation of mission oriented, professional trainers/instructor and trainees is the heart of its vision

Our mission

  • To create expeditious situation to rapid development and democratic processes by defending the Constitution from external invaders, terrorists, and domestic anti-peace forces,
  • To build the security capacity, cooperate and work with the Federal States' security organs,
  • To safeguard and rescue Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, public and governmental institutions and infrastructure from man-made and natural calamities,
  • To ensure national security and effectively participate in regional, continental and international peacekeeping operations.

Our vision

  • To see a healthy, effective and disciplined modern Defence Force that serves the Nation wholeheartedly, defends the Constitution from peril, represents the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, wins popular faith and love, plays imperative roles in continental and international peacekeeping operations.