To see a healthy, effective and disciplined modern Defence Force that serves the Nation wholeheartedly, defends the Constitution from peril, represents the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, wins popular faith and love, plays imperative roles in continental and international peacekeeping operations.

To be a center of excellence in engineering education, research and services through continuous and transformative learning paradigms.



  • To create expeditious situation to rapid development and democratic processes by defending the Constitution from external invaders, terrorists, and domestic anti-peace forces,
  • To build the security capacity, cooperate and work with the Federal States' security organs,
  • To safeguard and rescue Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, public and governmental institutions and infrastructure from man-made and natural calamities,
  • To ensure national security and effectively participate in regional, continental and international peacekeeping operations.
  • To produce qualified engineering professionals at undergraduate and graduate levels with defence technologies in focus,
  • To shape the students to be disciplined, knowledgeable and ready to defend the Constitution and instill aspirations to pay whatever it takes to the success of defence’s mission,
  • To support the current and future combat capability of MoND through innovative and multidisciplinary research and development programs,
  • To offer continuing education, short-term training and consultancy services,
  • To expand academic and research programs relevant to MoND and the Nation as a whole.



The College takes the values of the Ministry of National Defence as guiding themes and further gathers the entire College Community around the central value of “Excellence” both at individual and institutional levels. This core value would be achieved through operational values:

  • Creativity & innovation
  • Team learning
  • Life-long learning
  • Integrity


  •  Build one's own capacity and competitiveness to every possibility and mission.
  •  Develop scientific thinking to forecast the time ahead.


  • Team work.
  • Resource consciousness.
  • Efficiency/Effectiveness.
  • Timely task accomplishment.


  •  To be successful by virtue of scientific and democratic principles.


  •  To be agile to safeguard the People and the Constitution from any danger.


  •  People and country before self.
  •  Integrity at all times.
  •  Excellence in each and every mission.
  •  Uncompromised democratic thinking.

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  • Defence Engineering College,
  • Add: P.O.Box:1041 Bishoftu,
  • Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.
  • Tel: 00251 114338400
  • Email:
  • Fax: 00251 114338608


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