we have different laboratory facilities in electrical engineering departments
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This is one of our aeronautical laboratory facilities
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CEE Conference held in Defence Engineering College
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Electrical power department laboratory facilities at glance
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Defence Engineering College Library

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Graduation Cermony

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Graduation Cermony

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Commandant of DEC addresses guests and graduates on 2014 Graduation cermony
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1.To create expeditious situation to rapid development and democratic processes by defending the Constitution from external invaders, terrorists, and domestic anti-peace forces,

2. To build the security capacity, cooperate and work with the Federal States security organs,

3. To safeguard and rescue Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, public and governmental institutions and infrastructure from man-made and natural calamities,

4. To ensure national security and effectively participate in regional, continental and international peacekeeping operations.


To be a center of excellence in engineering education, research and services through continuous and trans formative learning paradigms.


The College takes the values of the Ministry of National Defence as guiding themes and further gathers the entire College Community around the central value of "Excellence" both at individual and institutional levels. This core value would be achieved through operational values:
       1. Creativity & innovation,
       2. Team learning,
       3. Scientific thinking,
       4. Life-long learning,
       5. Integrity.


1: Continuously Transform the College to Meet the Dynamic Needs of MoND

2: Foster in Undergraduate and Graduate Students Passion for Learning and Commitment to Making a Difference in the MoND

3: Strengthen the Engagement of the Academic Staff in Research and Development Issues

4: Increase the Capacity of Our Faculty to Develop and Communicate Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Knowledge

5: Attract the Best Students and Professional Staff

Defence Engineering College is established by the FDRE Ministry of Defence to produce high professional and technically efficient military engineers.

About DEC


Defence Engineering College was established in 1997 by the Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense (MoND) to produce highly professional and technically efficient military. The driving force for establishing DEC, among other things, was that MoND did not have sufficient technical military personnel mainly attributed to the higher institutions lack of programs compatible with the demands of MoND. At the time of its inception, the College ran two engineering degree programs mechanical and electrical. Those programs embraced seven specializations, namely, design, manufacturing, metallurgy, mechanical power, communications, electrical power, and instrumentation. Later, computer science and engineering, armament technology, civil and combat engineering and chemical engineering were added.So far, the College has graduated many engineers whose impact can be felt in the Ministry ranging from production and maintenance to institutional leadership.

Message From Commandant


Dear academic, administrative staff & students

  I take an immense pleasure in welcoming you on commencment of academic year 2014/15. I am sure that we are all fully rejuvenated having back from a well deserved break.

   I need not emphasize that the success of any quality training is accumulative result of effective imparting of appropriate level of theoretical & practical knowledge by qualified academic staff and equally responsive, participative and inquisitive students with burning desire to enhance their knowledge and skills. The administrative staff too have vital supportive role in providing timely, highly responsive services in their respective spheres to keep the overall environment vibrant.

   I would like to see all of you to be pro active, dynamic and put in your best to achieve the highest standards of teaching, learning process with an ultimate aim to produce the best of the defence technocrats.
   Research has been an area, where the contributions have been insignificant till date. I call up on all academic staff to pay special attention to the same and go that extra mile to contribute especially in the areas of indigenization, defence/ civil utility oriented products. I advise all concerned to plan, process and execute the research activities precisely for timely completion. I am sure all of you will ensure that this academic year will be a turning point for research in our organization.

Wishing you all a professionally satisfying academic year 2014/15. 

Hagos Berhane(Col.) Commandant of DEC




September 16 &17 Registration

September 18-19 Orientation for freshman students
September 22 Classes Begin
September18- 22 Late registration with penalty


Upcoming Events


National Conference on Emerging Technologies’ Contributions in Promoting Defence and Industry Capabilities (NCETCPDIC-2015)

July 17-18, 2015, Bishoftu, Ethiopia www.dec.edu.et
Important Dates: Last date of submission: 28/02/2015 Acceptance notification: 30/03/2015
see detail information about the event




Defence Engineering College
P.O.Box:1041 Bishoftu,
Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
          00251 114338400
   FAX 00251 114338608